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The Best Composite Shingle and Metal Roofs in Reno and Lake Tahoe Come From Experience

Sammler Roofing uses proven materials to repel the Truckee Meadows’ ruthless climate while remaining attractive for decades.

At the risk of recirculating a well-worn cliche, I’m going to explain why “Location! Location! Location!” doesn’t just apply to real estate and retail marketing. After installing nearly a thousand composite shingle and metal roofs in the Reno, Sparks and Lake Tahoe basin, I can say with all confidence that the composite shingles products and metal panel systems Sammler Roofing uses have proven themselves the most capable of surviving Northern Nevada and Lake Tahoe’s relentless sun, snow, wind and cold.

The Best Performing Composite Roofing Shingles for Northern Nevada

We trust and install CertainTeed and GAF comp shingles almost exclusively. As with any construction decision, there is always a good, better and best-case decision, with the better and best categories typically costing more. BUT – and this is a big BUT – I can assure you that even though CertainTeed and GAF may cost more at the outset, they don’t let you (or me) down.

We live in a high wind and high-temperature gradient zone. Both of these elements are two of Mother Nature’s most potent weapons, particularly when attacking residential and business roofs. The wind is relentless. And the sun, oh man… The sun incinerates cheaper, filler-heavy shingles. What distinguishes both CertainTeed and GAF is that they are manufactured with a considerably higher tar factor. It’s the tar that provides resilience to Mother Nature’s merciless meddling and wards off the sun. And because of the special “goo” strip, they melt together shortly after installation to form a wind and weatherproof shield.

The effect? Your roof will last.

Shingles won’t whip off in the wind after 10 years. The shingle doesn’t separate and slough off filler into your rain gutters. The roof retains its crisp, clean look. And most importantly, your new roof won’t leak, particularly after a snowy Tahoe or wet Truckee Meadows winter.

Advanced Venting Methods Lead to Longer Roof Life

If your house is 20-25 years old, you’ll probably see upside-down J-vent piping poking up through your roof. They’re intended to relieve the build-up of summer heat that collects in your attic. Heat is a silent killer that mercilessly weakens shingles from the inside out.

To combat this, Sammler Roofing uses ridge-cap venting technology and with stellar results. Ridge venting is a superior way to dispel summer attic heat and winter condensation. Allowing these elements to escape to the outside extends the life of the shingle. Just as important, the ridge-cap vent is more attractive, leaving a clean, high-definition ridgeline without the interruptions of old-school metal piping.

Sammler Roofing’s Secret Sauce for a Long-lasting New Composite Roof in the Truckee Meadows and Lake Tahoe Basin:

  • We only use CertainTeed and GAF Composite Shingles:

    • Both manufacturers use more tar in their shingles, versus filler

    • Tar prevents the shingle from drying out (dry shingles account for roughly a 4-5% shorter lifespan throughout the roof life)

    • “Goo” strips seal the shingles to each other and provide superior wind resistance

  • A shingle with more tar presents some issues for a roofer - sticky! But when my guys are covered in tar at the end of the day it tells me the shingles we’ve installed will last

  • All of our roofs are fitted with ridge venting technology, instead of replacing existing venting:

    • Considerably more efficient in releasing heat

    • Aesthetically more attractive

  • We replace as much old flashing with new material as possible:

    • Around waste pipes and chimney chases

    • Flashing is painted to blend in with the new roof

  • Chimneys and skylights are wrapped with protective ice and water shields

A New Metal Roof from Sammler Roofing - Virtually Disaster-proof and Environmentally Smart

Perhaps you’ve lusted after your neighbors metal roof. Or you live in the urban-wildlands interface where wildfires are a concern. Or you simply appreciate the clean lines and security of a well-constructed metal roof.

If you’re considering a metal roof, you’re not alone. They’re popular for good reason:

  • Metal roofs are beautiful

  • They’re weatherproof

  • They add to your property’s value (they usually last 50-70 years)

  • The material is fully recyclable

  • Metal prevents wildfire embers from gaining a foothold on your roof

Metal roofing typically costs more than composite shingles (higher materials costs and extended man-hours add to the expense). But for many of my customers, the rewards justify the added expense.

Depending upon the application, project needs and timeline, we contract with Metal Sales, ASC and Reno-based MSM. All three manufacturers craft panel systems that have proven themselves over and over again for me.

When specifying a roofing system from these companies, I exclusively spec 24-gauge commercial-grade steel panels overlayed with Kynar 500 paint or 22-gauge metal from Western States Metal Roofing and for weathered steel, i.e. Corten (the leading brand name in weathered steel roofing). I’ve found that this pairing of thickness and coating delivers substantial durability and longevity in our region. Inevitably, you’re investing in a roof that provides functionality and appeal and these products perform light-years above lesser-grade materials from other suppliers.

Covering a home or business in metal involves joining the large custom sized and cut sheets of metal at the seam with specialized, inconspicuous fasteners. Likewise, where the individual sheets end at the edge of the roof (the eaves) and where they abut each other in the valleys we “hem” the panels. Much like the finishing stitches on a pant leg, the hem is a subtle refinement and gives the metal roof its trademark elegance.

Finally, thorough attic venting is achieved by employing ridge-venting (just as with the comp shingle roof). This inconspicuous technology allows the heat and internal moisture in the attic space to escape, preserving both roof and home longevity.

One last note for consideration. I’ve worked with many architects and homeowners who’ve opted for a hybrid metal/comp roofing solution. This mixed media approach gives the roof an undeniable elan and architectural artistry. It can also provide cost savings, too, in situations where inconspicuous areas of the roof are covered in less costly comp shingles while allowing for all the complimentary aesthetics of a metal roof across the primary site lines.

A metal roof may not be an option for everyone (costs can play a role as can HOA regulations - be sure to check before committing to such upgrades). But, in my 20-plus year career, I can say that I have never had a customer regret their decision to upgrade to a steel roof.

Sammler Roofing’s Secret Sauce for a Long-lasting New Metal Roof in the Truckee Meadows and Lake Tahoe Basin:

  • Thick 24 and 22-gauge (for architectural weathered surface look) commercial steel panels

    • Panels are coated with Kynar 500 paint (Kynar 500 is simply the best coating available. Other coatings fail and fade in a relatively short time frame.)

  • Effective, inconspicuous ridge-vent technology for attic heat dissipation

  • Customized and color-matched snow splitters around pipe jacks

    • Fasteners are largely kept hidden (except where unavoidable around pipe and HVAC flashing)

    • Fastener rivets are color matched

    • Eaves and roof valleys are hemmed for longevity and curb appeal

Sammler Roofing is a composite shingle and metal roofing specialist serving homeowners and businesses in the Truckee Meadows and Tahoe basin. We’ve been covering homes in beautiful, long-lasting new roofs in the Reno, Sparks and Lake Tahoe region for two decades. If you’d like an estimate, please call or email me, Michael “AJ” Sammler, today.

(775) 354-1130 or


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