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Everything on top of one roof. (Well, just about…)

For the past 20 years, Sammler Roofing has had the opportunity to work closely with architects, general contractors and home and business owners to craft custom roofs in Reno, Sparks, Lake Tahoe and Northern Nevada. Each of these projects requires a full quiver of roofing knowledge and an exceptional focus on planning and detail. With any roof, but especially custom roofs, there is no margin for error. Such was the case with this custom home. As you can see, it’s an architecturally complex system involving several roofing material types and the know-how for combining the various materials.

  • The majority of the project uses a 16” standing seam panel system and 24-gauge steel.

  • The concealed fastener panel system ensures the metal roof is maintenance-free.

  • This multidimensional roof also incorporates a 50-year composition shingle on the rear of the home. This inventive combination of surfaces provided significant cost savings (rather than sheeting the entire roof in metal) atop a section of the roof that is out of sightline from all but limited viewing angles.

  • Sammler Roofing also installed two renewable photovoltaic systems (water and electric) and two distinct types of standoffs (piping that penetrates the roof).

  • Fifteen skylights were installed.

  • We also utilized a commercial-grade, 60mm TPO membrane for the flat sections of the roof. This product is great for low-slope roof decks. Plus, it's lightweight, affordable and reflective, which helps lower the home's internal temperatures.

  • Finally, this roof involves a dead valley under a 3-foot overhang. A dead valley requires particular expertise because there is no natural drainage path for water. If done incorrectly, the section will leak and need replacing. I’m glad to report that this dead valley is performing superbly.

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