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3 Cool Reasons Why Winter is a Great Time to Put a New Roof On Your House

Unusual to re-roof your house in the winter? Not at all. Here are three compelling reasons why now is a great time to re-roof your home or business – No. 1 being you'll save $500!

Celebrating great off-season roofing deals in Reno Tahoe

No. 1 – You’ll Save $500 (or More)* AND Help Me Keep My Team Working Through the Off-Season.

My crew is made up of some of best roofers in Reno, Sparks and Lake Tahoe, I’m proud to have them on my team. By offering you a $500 discount off the cost of a new composite or metal roof, it helps ensure that I can provide them steady work during the holidays and the slower months. If your roof is 20 to 25-years old, call or 775.354.1130 or email me. I’ll give you an estimate showing the Off-Season Winter Roofing Deal $500 discount on your new roof.

No. 2 – But What About the Weather?

We're lucky - Northern Nevada’s typically sunny days in between storm cycles give us a lot of stable weather windows to work in. It’s never a problem to find a three or four-day stretch of good weather to install your new roof. You can be sure that you won’t experience any issues while we’re working, either. If weather does show up unexpectedly, I want you to know that we make sure your home is protected.

No. 3 – Your Roof Can Be Done Right Now.

Unlike the summer season, where we’re often booking a few weeks out, your new roof can be installed almost immediately. We’ll find a good weather window and get it done!

Michael Sammler, owner of Sammler Roofing in Sparks

“It’s important that I keep my crew working, especially during the holidays and off-season…” – Michael Sammler

*Sammler Roofing $500 Off-Season Winter Roofing Deal:

  • Off-season offer for installation of new composite shingle or metal roof only. Offer does not apply to roof repairs.

  • $500 discount applies to a new roof of at least 20 squares, an industry term used to measure a home or business’ roof coverage.

  • Homes or businesses with greater coverage may qualify for a bigger discount.

  • $500 Off-season Winter Roofing Deal is good November through March. (We are scheduling jobs now for those months.)

  • All standard conditions and agreements apply during this promotion.

Call or email me today for an estimate! 775.354.1130 or

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