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Skylights And Solar Tubes Are A Sammler Roofing Specialty

The first thing I hear from home and business owners is, “Wow, I had no idea the light could transform the room like that!” Skylights and the lower-cost alternative solar tubes are beautiful additions to your home or office. But as with anything, the devil is in the details. If they aren’t installed with the utmost care, you’ll end up regretting the addition. The Sammler Roofing team has been trained to install them correctly - because I taught them. In addition to experience, we use the best materials. This combination of know-how and best-in-class supplies ensures your continuing satisfaction. The following case study highlights Sammler Roofing’s skylight expertise:

  • More often than not, we’ll use fixed curb mounted skylights from Velux™. These allow us to customize the skylight to better fit into the overall roof architecture (and they aren’t sorely conspicuous when seen from the outside).

  • We use an extra durable water-proof sealant to wrap our skylights and solar tubes. This special wrap ensures a leak-proof shield that protects the skylight and solar tube from ice, snow and rain.

  • We added 15 skylights to this home which transformed the interior lighting. The entire house lit up like never before.

  • Solar tubes are fantastic for spaces that need a more intense light (think closets, hallways or utility areas). Unlike skylights, the light from solar tubes is brighter white (few warmer hues).

  • Re-roofing your house is the most suitable time to add skylights and solar tubes.

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