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A Roofing Contractor’s Mantra: “Looks Good, Doesn’t Leak, Gonna Last”

It may be simple and grammatically incorrect. But it means you’ll get a roof both of us are happy with.

I’m sure you’ve seen roofing companies advertise they’re “good communicators, keep a clean job site, stay within budget, and finish on time.” These are all admirable qualities, for sure. But proclamations like this have always struck me as stating the obvious. They’re the basic ante for being in business in the first place, know what I mean?

I’ve taken a slightly different approach. My company builds a roof using a simple mantra: “Looks good, doesn’t leak, gonna last.” We’ve operated under this mandate since Day One, and it’s served my crew and me well.

Let me explain.

When a New Roof “Looks Good”

The art of roofing is primarily to compensate for all the non-linear lines, angles, and questionable building decisions that have laddered up to the roof. Think of your roof as the victim of everything built beneath it. The structure below represents hundreds of decisions made while erecting the vertical framework. Your roof reflects all those little fudges, miscalculations, and even the non-linear lumber used in construction. Rarely is anything quite square up there.

So we address these idiosyncrasies right away and create lines that artfully offset the irregularities. The goal is to ensure that each course (a row of shingles) and metal panel looks uniform and straight from the street, leading to a well-proportioned, good-looking roof.

Your roof’s aesthetic is composed of several additional details, as well. Flashing, vents, waste pipes, edging, and other elements can blend in nicely or be eye-grabbing detractors. Coordinating hues to match your roof and home colors creates a seamless, sublimely pleasing roof line. The goal is that you are happy with what you see when you walk outside, and nothing jumps out at you (or me).

When a New Roof “Doesn’t Leak”

While it seems straightforward, building a leak-proof roof is a challenge. Water is devious stuff that is never content to drain along a clearly defined path. Instead, melting snow, rainwater, and condensation look for any opportunity to seep into nooks and crannies - the kinds of weaknesses that roof irregularities leave exposed and often go unnoticed by the untrained eye. The result: a stained ceiling, a soggy couch, an angry customer.

Preventing water leakage means understanding water’s craftiness and where it will travel. For instance, dead valleys are an issue because there isn’t positive water drainage, so we fortify the region to withstand the water that will collect there. Vents and waste pipes, skylights, chimneys… anywhere there is roof penetration is a potential problem zone and requires material that denies water. In snow country (particularly Incline Village, Zephyr Cove, Glenbrook, Galena, and Montreux), winter ice dams complicate the problem and require experienced countermeasures. These red flag areas put my crew and me on high alert, and we address them accordingly using additional materials and seasoned tactics to thwart water’s insidious nature.

The bottom line is that a homeowner knows they’ve hired the right roofing contractor the day after that first heavy snow melt or spring deluge.

A New Sammler Roof is “Gonna Last”

As mentioned in a previous post, I've learned which materials repel Northern Nevada’s hardcore climate. The stuff we use has proven reliable during my nearly 30 years of roofing homes, apartments, condos, and businesses in the Truckee Meadows, Spanish Springs, the North Valleys, and Lake Tahoe.

By focusing on the significant aspects – covering with the best products – and the small particulars – such as ensuring no “shiners” (nail heads) are visible – your roof is built to withstand the relentless abuse from the elements.

Roofing Is Not Rocket Science

Rocket science it ain’t. Sure, plenty of math and geometry are involved in roofing. Ultimately, however, successfully covering your structure requires experience, the right materials, and the understanding that when Sammler Roofing finishes, it will look good, won’t leak, and it’s gonna last. You have my word on it.

If you’re searching for a qualified roofing company, please contact me for an estimate. You can also reach me directly at 775.354.1130

Sammler Roofing has protected homes, apartments, and businesses in the Reno, Sparks, and Lake Tahoe regions with beautiful, long-lasting roofs for nearly three decades.

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