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A Solid Argument For A Metal Roof from Reno's Roofing Professionals

The sleek, refined lines of a metal roof are only surpassed by its durability. But only when installed correctly. Sammler Roofing is a metal roofing specialist. We’ve spent thousands of hours installing some of the most intricate - and beautiful - metal roofs in Northern Nevada and Lake Tahoe. Recently, we completed a project in the old southwest region of Reno and I’m quite proud of the results.
Below are several highlights:

  • The owners wanted a more architecturally pleasing silhouette than the original composite shingle style. They elected to go with a 24-gauge, standing seam panel system from Metal Sales.

  • Unlike many residential rooflines, this was a hip roof, meaning it’s not a traditional gable geometry. Each panel of the roof is shaped with triangles and parallelograms (you can see where my love of math comes into play here).

  • Precision is critical. Every sheet of metal required two cuts that must be exact.

  • Although not common in Reno and Sparks due to the lower elevation (it’s a different story at Lake Tahoe), we installed a “cricket” on this roof to guard against leaks on the oversized chimney. Crickets are half-pyramid structures that deflect precipitation and snow from the fireplace and protect the house from sneaky moisture leakage.

  • The roof is remarkable looking. And when it rains, the sound is soothing as it splashes down on the metal.

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